Giver of Head Pats, DSharpPlus (C#)

dotNET 6 rewrite of a Discord Bot, created by Lily.
Hi, I am the Giver of Head Pats. I am here to give others head pats, hug, cuddles, and more. I am always expanding in what I can do. At the moment you can see what I can do by running the hp!help command.
I was recently rewritten from Discord.JS (Javascript) to DSharpPlus (C#). So if things seem broken or missing from the older version, don't worry, they'll be fixed or added in the near future.
I hope I will be the perfect caregiver for your guild.

Bot Creator Information

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Packages (Nuget)

  • DSharpPlus v4.3.0-nightly-01171
    • Base
    • CommandsNext
    • Interactivity
    • Rest
    • SlashCommands
  • Lib.Harmony v2.2.2
  • Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore v7.0.0-rc.1.22426.7
  • Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.Sqlite v7.0.0-rc.1.22426.7
  • Nekos-Sharp v3.5.0
  • Newtonsoft.Json v13.0.2-beta2
  • Pastel v3.0.1

Programs Used

  • JetBrains
    • Rider
    • WebStorm
    • PhpStorm
    • dotPeek
  • SublimeText
  • Photoshop
  • Discord *
  • Spotify *
* Not really used to create the bot, but more so always used the background: for friends' moral support and musical jam sessions


Prefix: hp!
Global Command: help is available.

Basic Commands

  • About - Shows a message that describes the bot
  • Support - Sends a DM to invite user to the Support Guild
  • Invite - Sends a DM to invite the bot to a server
  • ListContributors - Lists the Contributors of the bot
  • Ping - Shows bot's latency from you <-> discord <-> you
  • Stats - Shows the bot status including server status and bot stats
  • FlipCoin - Flip a coin
  • InspiroBot - Generates a random inspirational quote created by an AI.
  • Meme - Grabs a random meme image from one of 5 meme subreddits
  • Fox - Summon a random fox picture
  • Bunny - Summon a random bunny picture
  • Neko - Summon a picture or GIF of a SFW neko
  • Smug - Summon a picture or GIF of a smug face
  • Cat - Summon a picture or GIF of a cat
  • Cry - Summon a picture of GIF of a crying post
  • TopPat - Shows the leaderbord for most headpats

Contributor Commands

  • AddContributor - Adds a Contributor to the list *
  • RemoveContributor - Removes a Contributor from the list *
  • ListContributors - Lists the Contributors of the bot
  • AddGIFBlacklist - Adds a GIF URL to a blacklist not to be shown in commands *
  • RemoveGIFBlacklist - Removes a GIF URL from the blacklist to be shown in commands *
* - Requires Permission: Bot Owner

Love Commands

  • Pat - Give headpats to a specified user
  • Cuddle - Give cuddles to a specified user
  • Hug - Give hugs to a specified user
  • Kiss - Give kisses to a specified user
  • Slap - Slap a specified user
  • Lick - Lick a specified user
  • Poke - Poke a specified user

Reply Commands

  • AddReply - Adds an auto response for the server *
  • RemoveReply - Removes a trigger response by the provided trigger *
  • ListTriggers - Lists the triggers for auto responses
* - Requires Permission: ManageMessages

Admin Commands

  • InviteInfo - Gets information about a Discord Invite code or URL *
  • UserInfo - Gets information about a user
  • BlacklistRoleFromPatCommand - Blacklists a role from the pat command **
*  - Requires Permission: ManageMessages
** - Requires Permission: ManageRoles


  Lily - Lead Developer

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