After about 5 years of hosting Minecraft servers, here's a big one. There are many changes that were done to change up the style of the server, listed below:

Bedrock Edition Players Welcomed

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition players are welcomed to join. Weather you're on Xbox, PlayStation, Windows, or Nintendo Switch, add a custom server with the IP below and port 25565.

Unique Changes

Ender Chests:
has 6 rows

Nether Portals:
- Crying Obsidian can be used in portal creation
- Portals can be custom shapes

Beacons Level Effect Ranges:
1 = 20
2 = 40
3 = 80
4 = 160

Item name changes allow colors

- Tilled dirt can get moist from water under the bock instead (and as well as) of beside/near
- Trampling has been disabled
- Using a hoe will auto replant crops

- Durability lasts twice as long
- Can be combined with chestplate

General Gameplay:
Drowning takes slightly longer

Other General Gameplay Changes

  • Seasons
    • Dynamic mob spawning per-season
    • Dynamic Day/Night Cycle lengths
    • Dynamic Weather patterns
    • Temperature
      • Time of day, season, environment all have affects on your temps, Don't get too cold or warm.
      • Armor sets, play in affect with temps, ex: Leather does better in keeping you warm when you're cold.
    • Spring, more flowers, pink tree leaves
    • Summer, faster crop growth, vibrant colors, less rain
    • Autumn, multi-colored trees, muddy grass/water colors, increased rain and storms
    • Winter, no/slow crop growth, white grass/trees, snow instead of rain, reduced overall plants

Custom Libraries

This server uses a non-public mod/plugin loader implantation, inspired by BepInEx and MelonLoader. This is called ICBlocksSharpLoader. With this library, we are able to create various types of Forge or Fabric mods and/or Spigot plugins entirely in C#. So far this server uses a total of 4 plugins created with this method (not including the builtin "native libs" like, PlaceholderAPI, Vault, bStats, and ProtocolLib).


IP: (click to copy)


Random Server Stats

CPU Usage {error}%
RAM Usage {error}%
Disk Space 1% / 14TB
Java Code 93%
C# Code 7%
Users Online {error}%
Users Joined 4
Users Banned 1
Banned IPs 1


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